WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING ABOUT US - Creative Catalyst Productions


I have ordered over a dozen of your DVD's and have been fully satisfied even thrilled... Your service is like always - EXCELLENT! - The DVD's are a great introduction to artists and when your isolated they are a buy for a creative spirit! Thanks again!

Marie A. P. – Canada



I have ordered numerous DVDs from you. All the artists are excellent and your production quality is superior to any others on the market today! Outstanding in every way!

Beth P. - Lubbock TX



By watching your videos, my friends tell me my painting has taken a quantum leap.

Sally - Venice FL



Your website is the most valuable discovery I've made in years. Fabulous instructors, excellent quality. It's an art course at my command.

Chris R. - Hilltop Lakes, TX



Amazing stuff! My artwork is flourishing thanks to you! I will definitely be back for more. I LOVE learning this way.

Camille W.-Queensbury, NY



I am a very happy returning customer! Great videos, great quality of production...thank you for offering sale prices. We appreciate you!

Dee A. - Lake Oswego, OR



I've enjoyed every one of the DVD's I've purchased from you and learned so much about various types of making art. Your DVD's are what got me back into the studio every day!

Terry G.



I purchased 3 videos from you...I absolutely loved them. These are possibly the very best technique videos I have ever purchased. I look forward to buying more. 

Angela K.



Absolutely Great Videos. It is like being at the workshop in person, can pay attention without taking notes or having distractions. Plus, you have the ability of playback of any area you want to revisit!

Roseanne S. - Fallbrook, CA



I love your DVD's they help so much and they are done so very well. 

Martha D. – Gig Harbor, WA 



I'm consistently pleased with the abilities of your selected artists, the content, and the quality of your productions.

Chris R. - Hilltop Lakes, TX 



I look forward to these every day and get something out of every episode.  It has been a real encouragement and learning opportunity.  

Laureen - Freeland, Washington



I love your products and after I place my order there is no long waiting time to have them home. Thanks!

Celenia T. - Miami Beach, FL



Just love the quality of your art DVD's! The instructors are masters of their mediums and I have learned so much! Thank you.

Deborah R. – Carmel, CA 



I Love your videos --- am having a great time learning and doing... there is so much to get from a video workshop.

Lynne W. - Fort Myers FL



I want to thank you for such a large number of videos you have sent me. All contain valuable demonstrations of talented artists. My passion is the art of painting and am self-taught it with you .... I'm learning. Once again thanks. I have several DVD's and appreciate how professional the sound/video quality is. The artists give clear and organized lessons. Good job. 

Lenexa – Kansas



Love your DVDs and Videos. I learn more from them than I do from a $400 workshop. 

Chris F. - Williamstown, NJ



I rate your videos 10+. Thank you for the instruction!! Too little is done for those of us who don't primarily paint. 

Dawn H. – Lehigh Acres, FL



These DVDs have improved my art tremendously. What a wonderful way to learn!

Camille W. - Queensbury, NY



LOVE the quality of your videos. We have a weekly class taught at my home and we often play your videos for inspiration! Thank you for your hard work and quality products.

Dee A. – Lake Oswego, OR



Your DVD's are by the best teaching artists and very well made. Thank you.

Karen W. - Los Altos CA



CCP – Thank you for providing a way for me to learn watercolors & drawing.




Your DVD's have enriched my artistic life. I enjoy them tremendously.

Sally R. - Lansing, MI



I absolutely love your product...These videos/DVD's are worth their weight in gold!

Vickie T., Nanoose Bay, BC



I'm consistently pleased with the abilities of your selected artists, the content, and the quality of your productions.

Chris R. - Hilltop Lakes TX



Your videos are very, very good, and very well done!

Sally O. - Lansdowne VA



These videos are excellent. Very clear information and demonstrations are simple and complete.

Eileen - Hackett, Australia