Making a Painting Work: Figurescape in Oil with Ned Mueller

Artist: Ned Mueller
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
Runtime: 1 Hour, 49 Minutes

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The painting process is littered with small, personal choices that can make or break your composition.

Ned Mueller's patient, practical approach to oil helps you navigate the tough decisions that make a painting work. In this DVD workshop, you'll break up boring shapes with subtle value shifts and mix interesting gray tones instead of getting mired in those same gray areas. Ned combines five photos from Bhutan to compose the figurescape scene.



BONUS CLIP: Figure in Oil Landscape
In this clip from his DVD workshop, Making a Painting Work: Figurescape in Oil, Ned Mueller paints a medium-sized figure in an oil landscape. Ned takes important lighting and color information from his reference photo but also relies on knowledge and experience as he fills in the face and clothing.

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