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A Solid Start in Watercolor (Part 1) with Lynn Powers

Artist: Lynn Powers
Producer: Lynn Powers
Runtime: 2 Hours, 4 Minutes


This video workshop is designed to help beginning watercolorists gain confidence in a sometimes frustrating but always rewarding medium.

Watercolor instructor Lynn Powers presents basic concepts, techniques and tips that help students build a strong foundation from which to grow and explore. The DVD includes five lessons, each of which addresses a specific watercolor technique and introduces a basic concept important to successful painting.

Students learn the flat wash, variegated wash, wet-on-wet and negative painting techniques and discover how to use expressive brushwork in their paintings. The DVD includes printable line drawings for each on-camera demonstration, so everyone can paint along. Each lesson comes with a second exercise that students can print from the DVD for continued practice. These companion exercises include line drawings, original reference photos and illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Getting off on the right foot in watercolor can make all the difference. This watercolor DVD will help you gain confidence in this versatile medium.

The DVD includes 5 lessons, each of which addresses a specific watercolor technique and allows you to do a complete painting.

Lessons 6-10 of this class continues on  A Solid Start in Watercolor with Lynn Powers, part 2




Lesson 1

  • Technique: Flat Wash
  • Subject: Bird House


    Lesson 2

    • Technique: Graded Wash
    • Subject: Sunflower



    • Technique: Wet-into-Wet
    • Subject: Tree Landscape


    Lesson 4

    • Technique: Negative Painting
    • Subject: Forest


      Lesson 5

      • Concept: Composition
      • Subject: Landscape Painting



        Lynn Powers Article in Watercolor Artist Magazine


        I ordered the DVD and I love it. Very clear instruction. Great video quality. All the projects plus a companion project for extra practice are included on printable files on the DVD, printable from your computer. Looking forward to painting all these projects. Shipping from Creative Catalyst was very quick.- Rhonda
        Last fall the DVD A Solid Start in Watercolor by Lynn Powers was used to instruct a beginners in watercolor workshop at our Art Center in Brownsville which I facilitated.  The 6 students in the class were enthusiastic about the techniques and concepts that were presented.  Several said that they had taken other watercolor classes but none of those classes taught the strategies that were included in this video.  Also the sections for each painting were paced well.  As instructor I did an example of each the paintings for reference and also to anticipate issues the students might encounter.  
        Alice Tetamore  Brownsville Art Center


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