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Tuscan Textures: Rich Textures Using Salt with Judy Morris

Artist: Judy Morris
Producer: Judy Morris
Runtime: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes

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Judy Morris, AWS NWS takes the mystery out of choosing the right colors and salts to achieve amazingly rich textures.

She shows the versatility of watercolor and the subtle differences in combining various types of paint (opaques, transparents, stains, etc.), paper, and salts and what they will achieve. Judy charges in color while the salt is doing its work and tweaks it after all is dry. She breaks a few rules as she spots in color contrasts and finishes with glazing an opaque to make a textured surface that is a visual feast! Judy's workshop will make everyday walls an inviting subject for any watercolorists.


What customers say about Judy Morris DVD

Excellent! This was the best teaching video I've seen. You are very organized and thorough.  J.J. – Milwaukee, WI

It was wonderful. She is an excellent teacher. Her examples and explanations are clear and comprehensive.

 I enjoyed your whole video. Your palette, brushes & step by step of all movements and materials. I like your interview afterwards, fun! I paint in watercolor more freely.

It was unique and informative. I love your enthusiasm!  Tess H. – Birmingham, AL

Loved it! Judy is a wonderful artist and a great teacher. Judy, your video is just superb – like all your work and like the work of Creative Catalyst also. E. Caroline W. – Corvallis OR

Great video for a long time novice – love learning techniques that I've not been trained in.  Lindy J.

Excellent video, learned a lot and about salt techniques with watercolor. Judy – I really enjoyed your video. You did an excellent job explaining and demonstrating the various salt techniques you use in your work which is beautiful. Thanks for a great video!  Kevin S. – Floyds Knobs, IN

Very good, well organized. Great to see a painting from beginning to end. Loved the credits!  Norma P. – New Hartford CT.

Marvelous! I have many tapes and yours is in the top 10%!  Lois L. – Orland Park, IL

Very informative. Answers the questions not in her book.  Brenda K. – Woodbine, MD


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