Creative Catalyst Productions - Watercolor Basics: Light by Judy Morris - Book on CD

Watercolor Basics: Light by Judy Morris - Book on CD


Artist: Judy Morris
Producer: Judy Morris
Runtime: Approx 120 pages
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We are happy to announce Judy Morris's popular book, Watercolor Basics: Light is now available in CD form. Each fact-filled chapter focuses on:

  • Getting Started
  • Attracting Attention With Light
  • Making And Keeping Lights And Dark
  • Getting To Know Your Light Source
  • Light Sets The Mood.

Included on the CD is a gallery.This CD to be viewed on any computer with a DVD/CD drive.


Judyshares herobsession with painting light in this book. She shows youthe tools and materials that workbest,how to see light, how to "catch" light and how to attract attention with light. You will learn simple painting techniques that simulate the effects of light falling on and across subjects. Judydiscusses the different kinds of light. You will learn when to keep light subtleand when to exaggerate it. You will understand why light is an important element in every painting. Use this information to make catching light a joy!