Roses in Crystal with Jan Kunz

Artist: Jan Kunz
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
Runtime: 1 Hour

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Paint along with Jan Kunz as she demonstrates how to create the illusion of sunlight flooding through a crystal vase filled with old fashioned roses. Learn to suggest translucent petals, use reflected light for brilliance and glow, and other ways to perfect your floral painting. Supplemental study materials available upon request to those that purchase the video. 


What Viewers Say

"Thanks for showing me that watercolor can be methodical. I always was afraid I couldn't control watercolor. You have shown me that I can!"
- Pat S.-Portage, IN-

"You light up my life with your wonderful style and art work!"
- Jeannie P.- Ontario, Canada -

"Excellent. Really liked how you demonstrated painting roses in crystal. "
- Evelyn H. – Middletown, OH
"Beautiful and easy to understand for all levels of experience. You make the complex seem simple – Thank You. "
- Pauline C.- Lubbock, TX -

About Jan Kunz (from Signatures Gallery)

Considered one the Grand Dames of the Watercolor world, Jan Kunz is best known for her stunning portraits and exquisite florals.

Since 1980 Jan has taught watercolor workshops nationwide and has authored six books and four videos on the subject.

Kunz's paintings may be seen at Signatures Gallery and in private collections, as well as in art-related publications including Southwest Art, The Artist's Magazine, Australian Artist's Magazine, and table top editions of Splash, The Best of Floral Painting, and The Artist's Touch.


About Jan (from Cheap Joe)

Jan is an amazing artist, especially in portrait painting. After spending her early years working as a commercial artist in California, she moved with her family to Oregon in 1980 and began painting full-time with watercolors. She spent years developing her unique style and started teaching workshops all over the United States.  Jan is a member of the Western Academy of Women Artists, and has published many books on watercolor painting and especially, painting from photographs and painting portraits.

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