International Inspirations in Polymer Clay: Provence with Dayle Doroshow

Artist: Dayle Doroshow
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
Runtime: 1 Hour, 49 Minutes

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Your creative mind will run wild after seeing polymer clay artist Dayle Doroshow create unique gifts, personalize jewelry and have fun making beautiful, three-dimensional art using innovative techniques.

Would you like to create unique gifts for every occasion? Personalize your jewelry and accessories? Or simply create fun, beautiful, three-dimensional art? Then let artist and teacher Dayle Doroshow guide you through the World of Polymer Clay. With more than a decade of experience in the medium, Dayle will show you how to make almost anything using your hands, FIMO and a few simple supplies. You'll discover polymer clay's fundamental skills and create brooches, pendants, collage elements and intricate beads along the way.

Dayle outlines the basics of shaping, cutting and blending clay. She introduces you to her tools and explains the necessary precautions for repairing tears, burnishing blemishes and baking your creations.

Dayle takes her inspiration from ancient cultures and foreign countries. In this first volume of her workshop series, she samples the colors and fabrics of southern France. She provides a half-dozen methods for adding Provence-inspired patterns to your clay. You'll learn to transfer existing designs using photocopies, rubber stamps and T-shirt transfers. You'll also create original images using colored pencils and permanent markers. Dayle creates three-dimensional designs by framing her transfers and adding texture with a comb and a rubber finger. She even demonstrates carving patterns into baked clay, starting with simple lines and progressing to curves and spirals.

A natural, aged look lends itself to inspiration from ancient cultures, so Dayle antiques much of her work. She begins with rough, unpredictable edges when shaping the clay then treats the baked surface with acrylic paint to highlight textures and add rustic color. The resulting pieces attain the look of historic artifacts.

Taking her cues from the colorful fabrics of Provence, Dayle rolls millefiore canes to created repeated patterns. You'll learn to select colors, design floral patterns and fill dead space inside your wrapped logs. Dayle shows off polymer clay's uncanny ability to miniaturize and composes intricate designs with various sizes of the same cane. You'll be able to apply your cane-making skills to any project that requires repetition.

In the final segment, Dayle exhibits possibilities for future projects. But with this solid foundation in polymer clay, you'll have no trouble imagining your own creations. 

Dayle shows you how to make almost anything using your hands, polymer clay (Fimo) and a few simple supplies. Dayle outlines the basics of shaping, cutting and blending clay and introduces you to her tools. She explains the necessary precautions to ensure success. In this volume, Dayle samples the colors and fabrics of southern France and demonstrates a half-dozen methods for adding Provence-inspired patterns to clay.

You learn antiquing methods to add a natural aged look. Dayle explains how you too can search ancient cultures for insights and creative tips that add a rich, wonderful quality to your work. In the final segment, Dayle exhibits possibilities for future projects, but with this solid foundation in polymer clay, you'll have no trouble imagining your own creations. 


You'll learn to transfer existing designs using:

  • Photocopies
  • Rubber stamps
  • T-shirt transfers
  • Colored pencils
  • Permanent markers


Bonus Clip: Sharpie Image Transfer for Polymer Clay Jewelry

About Dayle Doroshow
Dayle Doroshow is a Mixed media/ Polymer clay artist and owner of design studio Zingaro, stamp of distinction in California. She trained in traditional ceramics at Riverside Bell Tower Pottery program and the Columbia University Extension program in New York City and sold her pottery in Greenwich Village shops.
Her jewelry, home decor, ethnic figures and handcrafted books can be seen at art shows and galleries on the West Coast. Dayle enjoys teaching and sharing her techniques in workshops across the United States and in France.



The two DVDs I ordered, International Inspirations in Polymer Clay Volumes I and II are so well done. The instructions and demonstrations are clear and easy to follow and the DVDs contain more information than I anticipated. Dayle Doroshow is a master teacher (from one who has a Master's in Teaching) and Creative Catalyst did a wonderful job on the production. I am inspired and thoroughly enjoying the DVDs. Anna Marie

I am a beginner, and found Dalye's information very helpful. After viewing the DVD twice, I worked along with her the third time through! The instructions and tips are priceless, especially the section on image transfers. The best thing I learned from the DVD is the importance of gathering inspiration from almost everywhere I go! Thank you, Dayle! I look forward to purchasing the second DVD! Stefani V.- Metropolitan D.C.

Excellent video. I own both DVDs. They are excellent, very clear & professional & inspiring.Janis G.-Gouldsboro, ME

Excellent content and production. Debby E.- Smyrna, GA 

Loved it. Nicole G. – Temecula, CA

Fantastic! All I expected. I waited for you "China" video and I'm not disappointed. The ‘oops' parts were a bonus. Helen R. – Maine

Great information – so much information – done at a great pace.Maine B.Y

I liked this video very much…very clear, visual, precise in explanation – zine. Marie

GREAT! I'm a beginner, so it was helpful to SEE the process. I liked the pace and the repetition so the techniques had time to sink in. Catherine L.

Very best video. One you can watch over and over again and find things you missed. Jerry M.

Very Clear and concise. Dayle is a good teacher!Tracy M. – Colorado Springs, CO

I'm also a polymer clay artist.. I've had a career sculpting for 35 years.
It is a wonderful alternative to casting expensive bronzes, and it allows a way to work over wire armatures without molds and kilns.
I wrote Hands on Sculpting to show others that they could do those things at their home desk or tables. Dottie Erdmann


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