Creative Catalyst Productions - Plein Air in Oil with Craig Nelson

Plein Air in Oil with Craig Nelson


Artist: Craig Nelson
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
Runtime: 100 min
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Capture the mood of a moment with Craig Nelson's Plein air oil painting techniques. In this oil DVD workshop, you'll learn to be observant and decisive enough to paint inviting landscapes within the time constraint of a shifting sun.


In his oil painting lesson, Nelson pushes you beyond static green trees and boring blue water to find the variations and intriguing accent colors that make nature complex and beautiful. Nelson shows you what to look for and what to leave out, and you'll see inset shots of his view to help you follow his progress. He shows you how to paint layers of foliage to avoid a flat look and how to translate the nuances of water and reflections to your canvas.

Nelson preaches patience with detail and constantly moves across the painting to keep his composition fresh. He takes the piece back to the studio for just enough touch-up to improve his design while maintaining the essence of his single-session Plein air experience.

Learn how to paint the world outside with Craig Nelson.


Mr Nelson's instructions were detailed, to the point, and easy to understand. I would recommend this video for anyone trying to learn the Plein Air process. - Carl M 1/15/15 -

BONUS CLIP: Negative Painting with an Egbert

In this clip from his DVD oil painting workshop, Plein Air in Oil, Craig Nelson uses a long-handled brush to manipulate the paint that's already on his panel. He adds detail to a stand of trees by painting over it with his sky color and softens the edges in a patch of foliage.


In this relaxed, candid conversation with Craig Nelson we asked him questions we thought you would most like to ask if you could have dinner with an artist.

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