Creative Catalyst Productions - A Solid Start in Oil Painting: Still Life with Craig Nelson

A Solid Start in Oil Painting: Still Life with Craig Nelson


Artist: Craig Nelson
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
Runtime: 100 min
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Stop staring at blank canvas and start painting. With Craig Nelson's simple method for still life, you'll overcome your hesitation and kick start your career in oil.

You'll develop foundation skills, create a path for improvement, and even save money at the art store.

You'll build an affordable kit as Craig walks you through essential materials and navigates the pitfalls of store displays.

You'll learn to paint vibrant scenes with only four colors and four brushes. This simplified palette lets you focus as you learn to think like an experienced painter. You'll spot the important shapes, shadows, and highlights and learn to fit them all in your composition.

Each step builds on the previous one, so you constantly refine your skills. You'll set a comfortable pace for your continuing journey in oil. As Craig says, "Start simple, get good, and then worry about jumping to that next level."


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Hi there, I am delighted to say that I collected my Craig Nelson d.v.d. this morning. Needless to say I could not wait to start to watch it. Wow. I am not disappointed!!!!! He is great. Thank you so very much. Regards.

- Kareen C. -

"Very cool. Helped me break through. "
-Karen B. – Sonoma, CA -

"I really enjoyed it. Loved the tips written out. I can use them wto show my students as well. "
-Emely Y. Wichita, KS -

"The best video ever. Loved it! I would love to get more videos of yours. Best ever. Learned so much from you. Great job. Painted for 4 years. "
-Beryl H. - Canada -


In this relaxed, candid conversation with Craig Nelson we asked him questions we thought you would most like to ask if you could have dinner with an artist.

What is your favorite quote or idea from this conversation?