A Solid Start in Oil Painting: Still Life with Craig Nelson

Artist: Craig Nelson
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
Runtime: 1 Hour, 40 Minutes

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Stop staring at blank canvas and start painting. With Craig Nelson's simple method for still life, you'll overcome your hesitation and kick start your career in oil.

You'll develop foundation skills, create a path for improvement, and even save money at the art store.

You'll build an affordable kit as Craig walks you through essential materials and navigates the pitfalls of store displays.

You'll learn to paint vibrant scenes with only four colors and four brushes. This simplified palette lets you focus as you learn to think like an experienced painter. You'll spot the important shapes, shadows, and highlights and learn to fit them all in your composition.

Each step builds on the previous one, so you constantly refine your skills. You'll set a comfortable pace for your continuing journey in oil. As Craig says, "Start simple, get good, and then worry about jumping to that next level."



In this relaxed, candid conversation with Craig Nelson we asked him questions we thought you would most like to ask if you could have dinner with an artist.


Since 1970, Dr. Craig Nelson has been depicting figures landscapes and various environments in rich vibrant oils. His passion for the subjects relates directly to his brush work, weaving mood and emotion into each work of art.

After graduating from Art Center College of Design with distinction, Craig began his career working in Los Angeles for recording companies and motion picture studios, creating portraits and other subjects with strict deadlines. Craig's countless movie posters include "The Cowboys", "Slapshot", and "Homeward Bound" among many others. His album cover credits include, "Sammy Davis Jr. Live", "Rick Nelson, Country" and "Natalie Cole, Thankful" along with many more.

Collectors include, James Garner, Neil Simon, Toyota Corporation, UCLA Dental and Law School, the U.S. Air Force, UCSF Dental School and many more. He has won over 200 awards of excellence and several gold medals. The "Arts for the Parks" national competition awarded Craig the Grand Teton Natural History Award for a painting entitled "Dining Alone". His work is collected in the United States, Asia as well as Europe.

Craig created seven art videos with Creative Catalyst:

Quick Studies: Studies in Under an Hour (in Oil) with Craig Nelson

Learn more in less time with Quick Studies. DVD PREVIEW Craig Nelson's exciting one-hour sessions help you hone your skills without spending days on a single painting.  Craig's dynamic approach works with any subject matter.  


A Quick Studies Oil Portrait From Life with Craig Nelson

Craig Nelson uses his quick studies approach to develop a portrait of an in-studio model, in a logical manner, from a line drawing to a beautiful three dimensional portrait. Craig discusses and demonstrates: lighting; preparing the painting surface; developing a...


Drawing with Pastel and Charcoal: Tips and Techniques with Craig Nelson

This DVD drawing workshop with Craig Nelson is great for anyone interested in drawing, whether you want to improve your painting skills or just enjoy knocking out a quick sketch. 


Drawing a Duotone Portrait with Craig Nelson

Master the art of portrait drawing with professor of illustration, Craig Nelson. With this instructional DVD workshop, Drawing a Duotone Portrait, you will soon master portrait drawing, following the logical and intuitive progression Craig has refined. 


Drawing Gesture in Charcoal & Pastel with Craig Nelson

A reference photo of a dancer allows Craig Nelson to emphasize gesture in a charcoal drawing and capture an exciting pose not possible with a live model.


A Solid Start in Oil Painting: Still Life with Craig Nelson

Stop staring at blank canvas and start painting. With Craig Nelson's simple method for still life, you'll overcome your hesitation and kick start your career in oil. 








Plein Air in Oil with Craig Nelson

Capture the mood of a moment with Craig Nelson's Plein air oil painting techniques. In this oil DVD workshop, you'll learn to be observant and decisive enough to paint inviting landscapes within the time constraint of a shifting sun. 




I am delighted to say that I collected my Craig Nelson d.v.d. this morning. Needless to say I could not wait to start to watch it. Wow. I am not disappointed!!!!! He is great. Thank you so very much. Regards. Kareen C.

Very cool. Helped me break through.  Karen B. – Sonoma, CA


I really enjoyed it. Loved the tips written out. I can use them wto show my students as well.  Emely Y. Wichita, KS

The best video ever. Loved it! I would love to get more videos of yours. Best ever. Learned so much from you. Great job. Painted for 4 years.  Beryl H. - Canada


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