Vibrant Orchid with Ann Pember - Creative Catalyst Productions

Vibrant Orchid with Ann Pember

Artist: Ann Pember
Producer: Ann Pember
Runtime: 1 Hour, 50 Minutes

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In this watercolor video workshop, you'll witness the serene mastery of author, artist, and teacher Ann Pember's wet-into-wet technique.

Learn simple and effective steps to make your watercolor paintings come alive. Learn watercolor painting techniques to raise your painting to the next level. Watch up close as Pember controls and directs the natural qualities of gravity, water, and pigment to create clean, vibrant color and capture the uniqueness and vitality of each subject. See how she mingles pigments on paper, blends sparkling colors, and encourages delicate shifts of hue and value. You will learn what to look for in a subject, color mixing tips, how to lift lights, and to exaggerate color to achieve rich, luminous darks. No matter your level of proficiency, you will gain many useful tips from Pember that can help you make your own watercolor paintings more bold and exciting.


EXTRA CLIP: Background Trees in Watercolor Landscape







I loved it! Very well done! Excellent. – I enjoyed watching your step-by-step application. The inserts of important information really helped. I also liked the palette insert. April F.

Thank you for your outstanding video. It is the best I've seen-clear, concise, very informative. You're willingness to share the "how to's" make this video exceptionally helpful. Sandra A. – Saint Charles, IL

The close-up shots were great and I really liked the editing. Ann's demonstrating her skill & knowledge was very informative and most inspiring! This vide workshop is top quality! Patti B. – Verona, NJ

Very informative, very good. Larry H.-Enon, OH

It was wonderful. I look forward to trying it out. Rob S.-Grand Rapids, MT.

Love your art & the video was great. For novice it was helpful to have the photo of finished art so we could try and match your color & technique. Gail L. Medford, OR

Wonderful production. Very good. Techniques I can adapt to my style. Annon

Excellent! Ann is very sharing and I learned a lot from the video. I look forward to meeting you in September. Carole B. – The Villages, FL

Really beautiful work. You make it look easy. P.P.F – Kirkland, WA

Very well done. Good close-up shots. Rory M.– FL

Ann Pember's video was very helpful and informative. I enjoyed the many different techniques she taught and Ann's patient teaching. Mary L.- Juneau, AK