Creative Catalyst Productions - The Magic of Painting on Smooth Surfaces in Watercolor by Ann Pember -

The Magic of Painting on Smooth Surfaces in Watercolor by Ann Pember - Book on CD


Artist: Ann Pember
Producer: Ann Pember
Runtime: 120 Pages
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  • Learn fun and easy techniques with step-by-step demonstrations.
  • Create beautiful color & interesting textures.

Ann's approach to painting on smooth surfaces and using them are explored with more than 325 illustrations. Six full demonstrations of Ann's techniques of painting include 1 city scene, 2 flower designs, 2 stream landscapes, and 1 figure. There are several mini demonstrations of how to paint leaves, rocks, water and trees with Ann's techniques.

Color is explored with many examples of how to make clean washes, lift lights and achieve vibrant results. A materials and methods section is included and there are descriptions about how to coat paper and other helpful hints. Ann's simple approach to painting could help you improve your own paintings in watercolor!

The PDF format is designed to work in computer/laptop disc drive.The lessons and images are there on your computer screen.Also, print out some or all pages for convenience.Work from the CD on the monitor's screen, move information to a computer, or laptop, or print out some, or all pages for convenience. Take them with you wherever you travel.