Capturing Light in Watercolor - Figure Painting with Thomas W. Schaller

Artist: Thomas W Schaller
Producer: North Light
SKU: 22-TWS1d
Runtime: 2 Hours

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Learn how to paint figures that fit into any scene with this video workshop from Thomas Schaller. Follow two step-by-step demonstrations that teach you how to paint figures that match the environment and mood. Thomas demonstrates painting figures in an energetic street scene and a figure in a quieter, contemplative farmland scene. Along the way you learn tips for creating strong composition, painting techniques and brushwork, and more for beautiful paintings that focus on the figure.


In Capturing Light in Watercolor: Figure Painting you will find:
  • Two art lessons demonstrating how to paint figures and background
  • Watercolor techniques for softening edges, working wet-into-wet, splatter, lifting, saving the whites, color mixing, and blending
  • Composition lessons for using color to move the eye around the page

About Thomas Schaller
Following a 20 year career in New York City as an architect and architectural artist, Tom Schaller is now a premier artist and instructor in the watercolor medium. With a focus on painting light, Tom teaches workshops around the world, including his Architecture of Light workshop. He has won multiple awards for his watercolor art, including the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize and has been published in several publications, including Watercolor Artist, International Artist, Southwest Art, and many others. His work can be found in various collections and exhibitions. He is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the California Art Club, and the North American Watercolor Artists.


Holbein pigments, arranged light to dark, with neutral tint instead of black
Thomas Schaller watercolor line with Daniel Smith
Cad. Yellow Light, Yellow Ochre, Light Red, Burnt Siena, Cad. Red Light, Cad. Orange, Alizarin Crimson, Viridian, Cobalt Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine. (Special colors; Holbein: Naples Yellow, Verditer Blue, Lavender, Mineral Violet, Neutral Tint

For the sketch:
6B soft lead pencil

Palette: Brass made by Steve Fanelli House of Hoffman
Surface: Saunders watercolor paper, textured

Rounds and mops in mid-size, some small
no.12 Escoda mop brush
Prado no. 10
Perla no. 8 synthetic

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