Creative Catalyst Productions - Vibrant Watercolor Techniques - Painting Silver with Soon Y. Warren

Vibrant Watercolor Techniques - Painting Silver with Soon Y. Warren


Artist: Soon Y. Warren
Producer: North Light
SKU: 22-SYW7d
Runtime: 82 ins
This is a DVD
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If you prefer a video download, click on the following link - Vibrant Watercolor Techniques - Painting Silver Video Download

Make your silver sparkle with Soon Y. Warren! Follow along from underpainting, layers of colorful shapes and final details, to bring your silver subjects to life with these watercolor lessons. Along the way you’ll learn painting techniques for color mixing, value and shape making, wet-into-wet painting, brushwork, and more. The subject is simple, but the interesting color combinations and values made from the reflections on the silver wrapper are interesting and fun to paint! (This technique works with glass too!)




  • Create realistic silver by focusing on value and shape
  • Paint layer by layer to build deep, rich color with watercolor glazes

About Soon Y. Warren
Soon Y. Warren is a full time artist and teacher, with a degree in commercial art. Appearing in several art publications, Soon’s work has appeared in numerous exhibitions and received several awards.