Watercolour on Location with Sharon Lynn Williams

Artist: Sharon Lynn Williams
Producer: White Pine
SKU: 22-SW2d
Runtime: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes

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Sharon Lynn Williams is one of Canada's premiere Plein air (on location) painters. She has the ability to take any scene and create an exciting, colorful and very personal interpretation. In this, Sharon's second, DVD she demonstrates her complete process for painting on location. She shows you how to:


  • rearrange the elements of the scene to create an exciting composition
  • how to create a value pattern that directs the viewers eye throughout the painting
  • how to exaggerate the colors in the scene to maximize the emotional impact
  • how to carefully pre-plan the painting so when you begin to paint you can paint with complete abandon

This DVD will inspire you to get out of your studio and enter mother nature's very own masterclass.



Sharon, actually watched it through twice - but then you know how much I loved your demos during your classes! I think it's great! - 'plein air' painting has always been a mystery to me. Now I see how you can take a seemingly uninteresting scene and really paint your own interpretation of it. (I guess that's where the term 'artistic license' comes in.) Really though, I can't imagine painting all those colors for those reeds wet-on-wet without making the dreaded 'mud'. I suppose they could be painted in layers, but much more laborious and not as exciting...! The negative painting was great to watch as well. I will probably attempt to follow along and paint this soon; I expect I'll have to make several attempts! :) I do recommend your DVD as it demonstrates how the experience of painting 'at the scene' can be very exciting and uplifting... And especially for anyone needing direction on 'plein air' composition. Also, to use your quote, "just having fun with all those colors" -Outside!

Great DVD, makes me want to do a watercolour!!

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