Water Media en Plein Air with Stephen Quiller - Creative Catalyst Productions

Water Media en Plein Air with Stephen Quiller

Artist: Stephen Quiller
Producer: Stephen Quiller
Runtime: 8 Hours

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Stephen QuillerStephen Quiller is an internationally acclaimed painter who is highly regarded for his work with the color, water media, and Plein air painting. He has written six books and many teaching videos on these subjects.

This is two set DVD that focuses on painting en Plein air.

The first disc begins with the chapter on painting materials and how to set them up. This is followed with four finished painting chapters from the high country of Colorado. The painting subjects include a “birds eye” view of the silver mine; a beaver dam during spring runoff; aspen patterns in morning light; and mountain patterns and pond reflections in a high mountain valley. There is a bonus chapter interviewing Allison Quiller on the history of mining town Creede as well as other art related topics.

The second disc includes four painting subjects from northern New Mexico. They include a windy day painting the church in a small village; a late afternoon painting the adobe home of Irving Couse, one of the founding painters of the Taos Society of Artists in the early 1900s.; A soft, snowy, spring day capturing crab apple blossoms; and the sunny high desert vista view of northern New Mexico mountains, juniper in piñon trees, chamisa and sage. There is a final bonus chapter that focuses on history, museums, and art related topics. This series is meant to inspire and educate my fellow painters who are interested in painting en Plein air.



  • -Disc 1 Introduction (Colorado)
  • Chapter 1: View of the Commodore Mine
  • Chapter 2: Cathedral Woods
  • Chapter 3: Spring Runoff by Allen's Crossing
  • Chapter 4: Pond at the La Garita
  • Bonus Material: Tips and Materials for Painting En Plein Air



  • - Disc 2 Introduction (New Mexico)
  • Chapter 5: Windy Day, Church at Ortiz
  • Chapter 6: Home of Irving Couse
  • Chapter 7: Spring Snow & Crababble Blossoms
  • Chapter 8: View by Ojo
  • Bonus Material: Digging Deeper: Southwestern Colorado
  • Bonus Material: Northern New Mexico