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One-on-One Watercolor Workshops with Susan Harrison-Tustain

Artist: Susan Harrison-Tustain
Producer: Susan Harrison-Tustain
Runtime: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes
SKU: 22-SHT1d

Have you ever wondered that you could spend a few hours getting personal instruction and advice from a watercolor artist that you admire?

All that and more is available to you in this art instructional workshop featuring master teacher Susan Harrison-Tustain. Throughout the course, students will be able to take advantage of over three hours of instruction and demonstrations regarding Harrison-Tustains signature style of watercolor painting.

The art instructional series focuses on the task of creating Glorious Garden Flowers and is a useful companion to Susan Harrison-Tustain's internationally best-selling book, also titled Glorious Garden Flowers in Watercolor. During this first lesson, Harrison-Tustain carefully guides workshop participants through an exquisite study of the rose Sally Holmes.

Students will learn the essential techniques required to produce stunning, detailed watercolor paintings of their own. In the second DVD of this art instructional series, focused on Watercolor Breakthroughs, Harrison-Tustain demonstrates how her best watercolor techniques, time-tested methods and favorite palette can be used to realistically portray any subject at all. Many students report that this DVD helps provide answers for many of the frequently asked questions with regard to watercolor painting. Harrison-Tustain demonstrates her four essential elements for creating three dimensional forms using a self-portrait of her own hands.

Other lessons reveal proven methods for creating velvety textures and dew drops, vibrant shadows, captivating color, and much more. As an additional bonus, this DVD also includes an exquisite gallery and slideshow featuring of Harrison-Tustain's work, in addition to a 33 minute tutorial demonstrating the essence of her unique naturalistic realism style of watercolor painting.