Brushwork Techniques for Expressive Watercolor with Sterling Edwards

Artist: Sterling Edwards
Producer: North Light
SKU: 22-SE1d
Runtime: 62 Minutes

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In this step-by-step watercolor painting video from watercolor artist Sterling Edwards, Edwards focuses on improving your brushwork as he creates a complete snowy landscape. Learn the top watercolor painting techniques for using and applying flat round, and bristle brushes when painting in watercolor. The snowy landscape study provides a veritable playground where you can practice and discover exciting new ways to use your brushes.



  • You love learning new watercolor painting techniques from expert artist, Sterling Edwards
  • You love painting with watercolor but want to improve your brushwork
  • You want to learn new watercolor & brushwork tips in the comfort of your own home with this convenient video

Brushwork is a fundamental aspect of watercolor painting, be sure you're making the most of your watercolor brushes with this step by step watercolor painting video. This watercolor video allows you to access all the great tips and tricks right on your laptop or desktop instantly. Give your paintings new life, interesting effects, and fun results with these brushwork techniques straight from Sterling Edwards.

In Brushwork Techniques for Expressive Watercolor You'll Learn:

  • How to paint with flat, round, and bristle brushing using watercolor
  • Tips & techniques for painting a snowy landscape using different brushes
  • How to master short, choppy strokes, full art sweeps, and gentle dabs

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