Marbling Magic with Rene Eisenbart

Artist: Rene Eisenbart
Producer: Rene Eisenbart
SKU: 22-RE1vdl
Runtime: 1 Hour

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In this hour long instructional video, you’ll learn how to create your own beautiful marbled artwork. Join Rene as she shows how she gets set up for marbling and how to use simple tools to make a variety of patterns. She also demonstrates the process that she developed for marbling over her watercolor paintings!

  • how to alum paper/cloth
  • preparing carrageenan
  • mixing paint
  • basic & advanced pattern techniques
  • applying gall
  • how to marble over paintings
  • marbling history
  • before and after examples
  • link to a Materials List & Reference Guide PDF

René Eisenbart’s art-making which started in childhood has developed into a multi-faceted career, including 25 years as artist for The Oregonian where she created weekly botanical illustrations. Hundreds of her paintings have been published in the Homes & Gardens section and the book, “Plant This” by NPR correspondent Ketzel Levine.

Rene’s art — often infused with the human form or quintessential plants and creatures of the Northwest — is rich with symbolic meaning. It is a dance between her intention and the flow of paint. She incorporates texture and patterning and uses unusual color to move the eye through her paintings. In combining acrylic marbling and watercolor — two practices with long traditions — Rene has developed a signature technique. She reinterprets images by weaving layers of marbled patterns with glazes of colorful paint. These interlaced works invite the viewer to construct their own narrative. They are drawing attention and winning awards.

René teaches in her NW Portland home, throughout the region and also leads travel workshops in Croatia, France, Italy and Hawaii. She encourages each person’s unique artistic expression, creating a safe, supportive environment for growth and experimentation. Read more about her process on her blog.

Rene is a signature member of National Watercolor Society, and Western Federation Watercolor Society

She is a lifetime member of Watercolor Society of Oregon, International Society of Experimental Artists, and Transparent Watercolor Society

Rene also belongs to Oregon Society of Artists and Village Gallery of Art


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