Creative Catalyst Productions - Anatomy for Artists: The Human Form Revealed - OnAirVideo.com

Anatomy for Artists: The Human Form Revealed - OnAirVideo.com


Artist: Larry Withers
Producer: On Air Video
Runtime: 52 min

Creating accurate depictions of the human body is one of the hardest tasks for an artist of any level.

Although many amazing works of art are created without the presence of a human form, many artists don't feel completely comfortable in their abilities until they are able to create accurate representations of the human form on a consistent basis. If you've been avoiding the task of creating paintings or drawings of the human form because you don't really grasp the intricacies of the way the body works, this art instruction workshop from the creative minds behind On Air Video could be the tool that you've been looking for to take your art to the next level. The great thing about this drawing instruction DVD is that it attacks the complicated challenges of recreating an anatomically correct representation of the body from the perspective of an artist, but incorporates all the scientific and biological information that you need to understand the mechanics and physics behind human movement. This course includes a discussion of the various sections of the body describing the surface forms, underlying bone structure, and how all these systems combine to allow the human form to move. Using a live subject instead of just animation to demonstrate the different motions and muscles, this video concentrates on muscular and skeletal systems, simple and complex muscle groups, crucial joints and body mechanisms, visible landmarks, proportions, and body mechanics. Watching this video is the perfect way to expand your knowledge about drawing or painting the human form, and both beginners and advanced artists will enjoy watching it over and over as they expand their skill set.