Paint Acrylic Landscapes: Understanding Sun & Shadow with Mark Mehaffe - Creative Catalyst Productions

Paint Acrylic Landscapes: Understanding Sun & Shadow with Mark Mehaffey

Artist: Mark Mehaffey
Producer: Mark Mehaffey
Runtime: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes
SKU: 22-MM6d

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Do you love working with acrylic paints to create landscapes?


Do you want to add more realistic shadows & sunlight to your landscape work and pick up new basic acrylic painting techniques in a visual way? Then this DVD is for you!

Add depth, atmosphere and mood to your acrylic landscape paintings with these great tips and techniques for painting shadows & sunlight in acrylics. Mix the right colors and apply them like a professional along with Mark Mehaffey in this step-by-step acrylic painting video. Pick up tips on understanding value & mood as you watch a landscape painting come alive before your eyes. Explore how to paint sun & shadow then apply your newly acquired skills to your own canvas!


In Paint Acrylic Landscapes: Understanding Sun & Shadow You'll Learn:

  • How to mix colorful & dynamic shadows
  • How to use a full range of color to to make vibrant lights
  • How to explore values & colors with acrylic paints