Paint Acrylic Landscapes: Creative Color in Plein Air with Mark Mehaffey

Artist: Mark Mehaffey
Producer: North Light
SKU: 22-MM3d
Runtime: 42 Minutes

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Go on location with Mark Mehaffey and discover how to paint en Plein air! Mark shows you how you can create atmospheric perspective where there isn't any.


You'll learn to use the scenery as a reference for your painting, and to adapt what you see to what the painting requires. Find out how to block in large shapes and combine your colors from a limited palette of warm and cool primary acrylics to get a range of values and shades for your greenery. You'll also discover how to refine the shapes and establish a focal point for your image using various sizes of objects in the foreground to create interest.Paint outdoors using a limited palette of colors and materials.Adapt scenery and natural elements to suite your painting.



Acrylics in a split primary palette of Holbein and Golden colors:
Cadmium Yellow Light (cool)
Cadmium Yellow Deep (warm)
Quinacridone Crimson (cool) or Alizarin Crimson Hue
Cadmium Red Light (warm)
Phthalo Blue (cool)
Ultramarine Blue (warm)
Titanium White

Brites (short flats), Winton brand or Rosemary (bristle and nylon)
Palette knife

Pre-gessoed Ampersand panels

Soltek Easel
Water and water container
Plastic bag full of paper towels
Masterson Sta-wet Palette


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