Paint, Print, Layer, Collage with Margaret Applin

Artist: Margaret Applin
Producer: Interweave
SKU: 22-MAP1d
Runtime: 1 Hour, 38 Minutes

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Creating with personal imagery.Make your collages uniquely you with a plethora of easy mixed-media techniques, brought to you by Margaret Applin!


Embark on a personal journey to layered collage with the one-of-a-kind mixed-mediaartist Margaret Applin. In simple and approachable steps, Margaret explains the process for creating personal imagery for printing and layering in collage, mostly using supplies you already have!


Delve into this workshop and discover . . .

  • An in-depth and innovative approach to mixed-media collage that uses a wide variety of mediums-- from freezer paper for transfers to foam for handmade stamps
  • Various techniques for base imagery that can be used to create stamps, stencils, or screens for printing and to build out additional imagery
  • How to pull together paints that blend and combine to create stunning foundations for layers
  • An easy way to create imagery through simple line-drawing by taking photos and using transfer paper
  • A focus on "personal imagery" and outside-the-box ideas of how to incorporate words, handwriting, and on-a-whim doodles into your pieces


Margaret will encourage you to relax, play with paint, and relieve stress with her approach to collage that not only challenges the status-quo, but also encourages you to create images that are uniquely your own.


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