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Coastal Cottages: Transforming the Landscape in Watercolor with Joyce Hicks

Artist: Joyce Hicks
Producer: Joyce Hicks
Runtime: 1 Hour, 49 Minutes
SKU: 22-JHK1d


Joyce Hicks' shows you how to transform ordinary landscape scenes into beautiful works of art. has made her an international acclaimed artist.


Her dynamic brushwork and expressive use of color combines in a unique way giving her paintings a fresh, welcoming look that is easily recognizable. She paints with a powerful signature style that invites viewers into her scenes for a glimpse of a simpler way of life.


DVD topics include:

  • Advice to beginning artists
  • Inspiration and preparation
  • How to use your sketchbook
  • Choosing the right brushes and paints
  • Selecting the proper watercolor paper
  • Transferring your color study
  • Gallery of finished paintings
  • …and much more!

I really enjoyed the DVD I purchased from you. I love the freshness and light of your art. As a newby watercolorist, I hope to include your generous and extremely helpful instruction into my art. With just a little practice, I've already seen an improvement in my watercolor art. I'm using a lighter touch, remembering to use interesting and various shapes, and mostly, simplifying.
Again, thanks for a great DVD. I hope you produce more!
Diana F.
The technical aspects of the DVD are very good. Your demeanor, the audio clarity, and the camera work that gave me a clear close-up view of the palette work, the application of paint to large shapes, and the detailed brushwork. Oh how I wish I'd seen this when I first started with watercolor years ago. I'd never seen ANYONE actually DOING a watercolor, much less someone as skilled as you.
Mary E.


About Joyce Hicks

Joyce instructs workshops throughout the country and acts as a judge and juror for watercolor exhibitions. Her paintings have received international recognition through various shows and awards and she is a Signature Member of and three time award winner of the prestigious American Watercolor Society.


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