Creative Catalyst Productions - Jean Haines' Watercolor Workout with Jean Haines

Jean Haines' Watercolor Workout with Jean Haines


Artist: Jean Haines
Producer: North Light
SKU: 22-JH5d
Runtime: 89 mins
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Artist Jean Haines doesn’t want the fear of the blank page to keep you from painting. Instead, she encourages you to use small warm ups and studies to get the tools you need to get excited about working on larger pieces. In this workshop join Jean as she brings you through a series of increasingly complicated workouts to help you work on your brushwork and watercolor knowledge and to get you excited about painting.


The workshop starts with a simple warm up of blending colors on a small piece of watercolor paper. Jean knows that relaxing warmups like this one can help you get to know your paintings. This first warm up then naturally leads into the first study and then the first complete painting. This natural progression is slow enough to paint along with and will give you the confidence (and skills) to move to bigger and more complicated paintings. Through her studies and finished painting, Jean shows you how to paint a rooster (study and completed painting), a flamingo (completed painting), a poppy (study) and then a very quick completed painting of a field of poppies.

Jean’s approach to teaching is incredibly beginner friendly while intermediate students will learn a lot by watching how adeptly she handles her fluid approach. Jean lays down pigment on dry paper and then sculpts out shapes and texture with water. It’s an approach that results in loose and personal paintings. Beginners will enjoy her approach to painting but may find the complete paintings a bit too complicated the first few attempts. Intermediate painters will benefit from Jean’s warmups as a way to get familiar with what their paints do.

A few notes:
Jean uses 300 pound watercolor paper and this is a must for her style. 140lb paper will dry too quickly to try Jean’s techniques.

There is some audio scratching in the fourth chapter. It doesn’t obscure what Jean is saying but it is noticeable enough that we wanted to give you a heads up about it. Don’t worry though. It doesn’t take away from Jean’s excellent teaching.