Creative Catalyst Productions - Jean Haines' Watercolor Flowers with Jean Haines

Jean Haines' Watercolor Flowers with Jean Haines


Artist: Jean Haines
Producer: North Light
SKU: 22-JH4d
Runtime: 102 mins
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Painting flowers doesn’t have to be tight or tedious. Join artist Jean Haines as she shows you how to get loose with your rose watercolor paintings. Jeans starts the workshop with a quick discussion about working from live flowers and reference photos. Next she gives you an overview of her materials and then jumps into painting. She starts with a zero pressure warm up exercise to get her into the paint and excited about painting.


Jean’s painting process takes advantage of the natural qualities of watercolor and the qualities you can get from 300 lb paper. Next she moves on to a rose study, which means she's observing the rose more closely, thinking about color and value. paints a rose study. She observes the rose, thinking about the color and values. She lays pigment on dry paper, brings water in to soften edges and then pulls out lighter petals. In her final painting, a complete painting, Jean works much larger on a half sheet of watercolor paper. She begins similarly to her previous warm up and study but works larger and with more details.