Creative Catalyst Productions - Painting Loosely with Eric Wiegardt

Painting Loosely with Eric Wiegardt


Artist: Eric Wiegardt
Producer: Artist Palette
SKU: 22-EAW1d
Runtime: 96 min

In his latest DVD release, award-winning artist Eric Wiegardt (AWS, NWS) takes us into his world of painting loosely using a street scene as the focal point of the hour plus demo.


Wiegardt begins by telling us that there are several things specific to painting a street scene and within the context of "painting loose," "painting quickly" and adding lots of "dynamic action," he leads us through painting a building and windows, street foliage, people and skies as a part of the overall design scheme. In addition to the main lessons covering everything from brush and paint selection through figure shapes, shadows and the character of a tree, the DVD also features an artist bio section, an interview with the artist and a photo gallery of many of his paintings that will undoubtedly serve as additional inspiration.