Creative Girl Workshop: Watercolor Illustrations with Danielle Donaldson

Artist: Danielle Donaldson
Producer: North Light
SKU: 22-DDO1d
Runtime: 61 Minutes

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Artist Danielle Donaldson will provide detailed instruction for creating a water-color composition. Work with collage paper, washi tape, and other fun media. Learn how to arrange a visually unique piece that features some of your favorite items. This video workbook will help you design a charming illustration while teaching you the techniques needed for water-color painting!


61 minutes of premier workshop instruction
10 mixed-media techniques that cover drawing, watercolor painting, and more
Tips for identifying and fixing problem areas during the artistic process

Strathmore 140-lb. Cold Press watercolor paper

Watercolor half pans

Other Supplies and Materials
Art Glitter Designer Adhesive
Craft dryer
Ephemera- old book text, watercolor painted paper scraps, patterned paper scraps, lace, ribbons
Mechanical pencils
Paper trimmer
Selected personal objects
Single hole punch
Spray bottle with water
Table salt
Washi tape
Water container
White artists tape
White erase lap board
White paint marker
White vinyl eraser
Winsor Newton Cotman watercolor brushes

About the Artist:
Artist Danielle Donaldson has published how-to books, scrapbooking products, and has art featured in various magazines. She mainly works with watercolors and graphite and her imaginative compositions are both delicate and full of color. Donaldson has a degree and background in graphic design, and shares her artistic process and instruction on social media, online classes and in-person workshops.


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