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Creative Girl Workshop: Watercolor Illustrations with Danielle Donaldson

Artist: Danielle Donaldson
Producer: Danielle Donaldson
Runtime: 61 Minutes
SKU: 22-DDO1d

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Artist Danielle Donaldson will provide detailed instruction for creating a water-color composition. 

Work with collage paper, washi tape, and other fun media. Learn how to arrange a visually unique piece that features some of your favorite items. This video workbook will help you design a charming illustration while teaching you the techniques needed for water-color painting!

10 mixed-media techniques that cover drawing, watercolor painting, and more
Tips for identifying and fixing problem areas during the artistic process

About the Artist:
Artist Danielle Donaldson has published how-to books, scrapbooking products, and has art featured in various magazines. She mainly works with watercolors and graphite and her imaginative compositions are both delicate and full of color. Donaldson has a degree and background in graphic design, and shares her artistic process and instruction on social media, online classes and in-person workshops.