Watercolor with the Master 10-Lesson Course with Charles Reid

Artist: Charles Reid
Producer: Other Producer
SKU: 22-CR5d
Runtime: 4 Hours

Are you struggling to get your watercolors to the next level?


Wish you could paint like a real watercolor master? Join legendary watercolor artist,Charles Reid, with his first full-length course on DVD.3 DVDs, 10 lessons.


Charles Reid is one of the world's best known watercolorists of his generation. His style is instantly recognizable - full of color and light. He has inspired countless thousands of artists who strive to produce lucid colorful paintings. In this Watercolor with the Master: 10 Lesson Course, Charles Reid shows you how to achieve color mastery and create vibrant watercolors. Lessons include:

  1. Setting Up
  2. Brushwork & Water-to-Paint Ratio
  3. Using Local Color
  4. Mixing Colors & Tying in Cast Shadows
  5. Mixing Greens
  6. Contour Drawing & Green Still Life
  7. Edges & Emphasis
  8. Composition & Contour Drawing
  9. Large Floral Still Life
  10. Mixing Triads & Review of Large Still Life

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