Acrylics: The Watercolor Alternative with Charles Harrington

Artist: Charles Harrington
Producer: Teaching Art
SKU: 22-CPH2d
Runtime: 1 Hour, 8 Minutes

Many new artists are attracted to the whimsy and delicate nature of watercolor painting, but as you'll see in this art instruction workshop with life-long artist and instructor Charles Harrington, it's important not to ignore their equally versatile relative, acrylics.

During the course of this 68-minute DVD workshop, students of all levels will have the chance to explore and develop the techniques needed to wield this popular watercolor alternative with confidence. As the workshop begins, Harrington teaches you to draw inspiration from their own photographs and sketches, and utilize many familiar watercolor techniques while working with acrylics.

You will learn from thiswatercolor painting workshop how to make the most of this easy-to-master medium, through Harrington's unique and perhaps unconventional perspective on the world of fine art. In this lesson, Harrington demonstrates transparent, translucent, and opaque color applications, as he paints two very different landscapes.

Learn to implement the splatter technique to establish random patterns on the page, as well as other methods for adding life and texture. In the fine art world, its easy for acrylics to be overlooked as artists explore the oil and watercolor mediums. Harrington shows that truly versatile artists will seek to incorporate acrylics into their collection of media, and teaches youthat only by working with a material can you ever learn to really understand it.

Interview / Artist Update and Gallery

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