Breaking the Rules! Beyond Stenciling Techniques with Carolyn Dube - Creative Catalyst Productions

Breaking the Rules! Beyond Stenciling Techniques with Carolyn Dube

Artist: Carolyn Dube
Producer: Carolyn Dube
Runtime: 1 Hour, 32 Minutes
SKU: 22-CDU1d

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What does "stenciling" mean to you? If you're thinking "stencil, paper, brushing on craft paint," you'll really want to check out the techniques Carolyn Dube has in this workshop video!

A stencil designer and aficionado, Carolyn brings you a plethora of new ways to use your stencils. You'll learn how to use stencils with watercolor, oil pastels, tacky glue and more for unique mixed-media effects. Plus, you'll learn techniques for altering your own store-bought stencils for one-of-a-kind effects and creating graffiti marks in your art. Carolyn will also show you her steps for creating brilliantly layered spray-ink stenciled papers.

The more stencil rules you break, the more you'll want to experiment! And in the end, you'll see that the sky is the limit with stenciling effects. If you can dream it up, give it a try and discover all the effects you can achieve.

Order this video today to discover:

  • 15 techniques to use stencils in unexpected ways
  • A variety of effects including graffiti, impressionistic, old world notebook, and many more!