Still Life with Fiesta with Carl Dalio

Artist: Carl Dalio
Producer: Other Producer
SKU: 22-CD6vdl
Runtime: 30 Minutes

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Dancing with the Brush is a series created by artist Carl Dalio where he demonstrates his entire painting process set to music. He designed the videos to inspire and encourage students' own imaginative discoveries and interests. Each video includes a beautiful collection of uplifting music scores- without boring artist commentary!


In his studio, Carl arranged apples, some favorite dishware and supporting glass containers. Lighting these to reveal form and shadows, he begins composing with a pencil drawing on watercolor paper. Interpreting the pattern before him, he focuses on beautiful revelations of warm and cool colors. Pushing the envelope of saturated color, he combines syrupy mixtures on the palette and wet into wet mixtures on the paper. The resulting painting is a by product of his lively adventure with a trusty brush and delicious color.  

Please note: This is a pure demonstration video. Carl shows his process but doesn't speak instruction during the course of the video. 

Carl Dalio's Painting supplies:

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