Creative Catalyst Productions - Watercolor Workshop - The Star Flower with Birgit O'Connor

Watercolor Workshop - The Star Flower with Birgit O'Connor


Artist: Birgit O'Connor
Producer: Birgit O'Connor
SKU: 22-BOC5vdl
Runtime: 75 mins
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Watch as Birgit O'Connor guides you step-by-step through this beautiful flower. Feel as if you are in an actual workshop and listen to the students ask questions during the demonstration.


Create shape and shadows to add depth into the painting and learn how to paint multiple stamens without masking fluid.

Learn how to get that glow inside the flower by glazing warm colors over cool. Let the color flow and build a rich dramatic background.

Learn how to create shape, shadow and form with simple step-by-step instruction. Hear students ask questions and have the feeling that you too are in the workshop. Shape petals by using value and different strokes, paint those complicated centers of a flower without masking.

Watch as you build and move color how to turn a delicate flower into a dramatic painting that sings.

This is one of my most popular lessons, filmed live in an actual workshop.