Creative Catalyst Productions - Watercolor Calla Lily with Birgit O'Connor

Watercolor Calla Lily with Birgit O'Connor


Artist: Birgit O'Connor
Producer: Birgit O'Connor
Runtime: 60 mins
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Keep the composition simple, work with values, shape and shadow to form these beautiful flowers.


Build rich deep color in the background and turn this elegant flour into a dramatic painting.

Paint these graceful flowers using very little color and learn how to direct the viewer's eye into the center with simple values. Make those white flowers pop with shadows and shapes.

Build rich deep greens in the background by glazing and layering color.

Keep it simple, turn the petals and roll the edges with step-by-step instruction, learn how to build form inside this elegant flower by using value and shadows. Invite the viewer into the fluted center and learn how something so simple can be dramatic and challenging.