Creative Catalyst Productions - Colored Pencil Portrait Video Series with Ann Kullberg

Colored Pencil Portrait Video Series with Ann Kullberg


Artist: Ann Kullberg
Producer: Other Producer
SKU: 22-AK1-Set
Runtime: 2 hours
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Ann Kullberg packs 25 years of colored pencil experience into this three DVD workshop. You will find it full of time-savers, tips, techniques and recommendations.

Preview for 3 disc set:



Disc 1: Essentials to Ann's Portrait Techniques

Topics:Ann covers the supplies and supports that are the foundation of her techniques.Ann is a stickler for explaining why for every bit of advice she gives, so you'll learn the thinking behind her choices for paper, sharpeners, lighting, tracing options, erasing, and more.She also will teach youhow to develop your eye for values and color. Approx. 30 minutes.


Disc 2: Vertical Line Techniques & Basic Skin Tones

Topics:Ann will teach you every step and nuance of her unique method for building rich, glowing skin tones. Master her vertical line technique once and for all!Approx.48 minutes.


Disc 3: Advanced Skin Tones

Topics:How to build skin tones, from highlight to deep shadow smoothly.Preserve highlights, create soft edges and accurate values - it's all here.Includes printable materials: line drawing, photo reference and step and step demos of the video subject.