The Secrets of Painting Watercolors Outdoors with Andy Evansen

Artist: Andy Evansen
Producer: Other Producer
SKU: 22-AE1d
Runtime: 2 hours 25 minutes




Master watercolorist Andy Evansen shares his decades of experience and the secrets to creating a great watercolor painting. This video shows you the steps for a winning composition, how to nail the values every time, how to avoid watercolor problems, and how to blend shapes for a more pleasing painting. You’ll learn to lead the viewer’s eye, use darks to design a scene, create believable reflections, paint skies effectively, and make use of spontaneous brushstrokes, as well as discover how to build a color palette ー and much more. Video Length: 1 hours, 56 minutes. This includes an instruction/demo (1 hour 40 minutes) and interview with Andy (15 minutes) and a short gallery of the artists work. 

This video workshop includes:

How to create a value study...
A step-by-step painting demonstration from start to finish...
An interview with Andy Evansen...
A show of the artist’s work...

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