Creative Catalyst Productions - Watercolor Techniques for Colorful Shadows with Anne Abgott

Watercolor Techniques for Colorful Shadows with Anne Abgott


Artist: Anne Abgott
Producer: North Light
SKU: 22-AA2vdl
Runtime: 88 mins
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 You'll Love This Watercolor Painting Video If:

  • You love painting in watercolor and you want to master the colors of shadows
  • You want to learn new watercolor painting techniques
  • You want to add more bold colors to your watercolor compositions


Learn how to paint shadows that are filled with vibrant and subtle colors step-by-step with Abbe Abgott in this watercolor video painting demonstration. Anne shares her favorite watercolor painting techniques such as composing strong landscapes, masking, wet-into-wet painting and techniques for painting interesting textures.

Learn how to paint a tree trunk that is truly fun & full of daring color. Go from ordinary to extraordinary with this top tips for how to paint a shadowy landscape from Anne Abgott. Create a watercolor painting full of energy and visual interest, learn how to paint shadows and add depth & color to your work.

In Watercolor Techniques for Colorful Shadows You'll Learn:

  • Tips and techniques for painting in watercolor such as masking, texturizing, and wet-into-wet painting
  • How to paint a shadowy tree trunk from start to finish
  • How to compose & paint shadows using watercolor paint