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What you say about Creative Catalyst art and craft video workshops...

Thanks, Susan, so much for such a prompt reply.  I am also surprised and happy that you have already shipped my order.  This is my first order with you.  Looking forward to ordering again.

- Emily -


Love your videos and great customer service!

- Gail C., Columbia SC -

I've been very pleased with all my orders: the DVDs remain inspirations as I watch them many times, until I can replay them in my memory!   Thank you for your services and email notices.

-  Stephen R., Franklin NY -

What a fantastic DVD!  Claudine's personality shines to make this a terrific viewing and learning experience.  The techniques are superb and the instructions clear and easy to follow.  The bloopers are always the best part, but the entire DVD goes by in a flash it's so fun to watch!!

 - C.C. -

Hello again! Today I received my latest order and I am really glad that the DVDs arrived in time before Christmas! Thank you very much for your kindest and fastest international service! I am really glad that you offer another DVD with Craig Nelson - I love his way of teaching and with his help; book and DVD; could I improve my painting skills! So thank you very much for the pre-order option! I wish a merry Christmas to all of you - a big purrrr to the Pawpeople and a happy new year 2009!!!  Best regards and stay inspired.

- Ute L. Juelich, Germany -

This is my second order. The first videos were so great that I am ordering others during your sale!  Thank you so much for for such a quality operation from production to purchase to shipping!
- Sara R. -

 Not an inquiry but a thank you for the wonderful Nicholas Simmons DVD that you produced!  It was extremely well done and Nick himself a great teacher.  I wanted to get as much information as possible prior to taking a workshop with Nick this past November and this DVD really helped me get an understanding of how he worked and what to expect!  It was dynamite!  

- Nancy G. -

I'm so glad you guys are here for those of us that want to learn to draw, paint or whatever. The videos I have purchased have
all been exceptional. Thanks for listening!!

- Kristen D. -


I have really enjoyed all the DVDs that I have purchased from you. I look forward to practicing the techniques I have learned through your videos. Your customer service is excellent, and I can't believe how quickly I have received my orders. I hope you will continue making videos--they are terrific!
- Jeanne B. -

I received my last order very quickly and am very happy with the DVD's I ordered.  Thanks for great customer service!

- Jeanne B. - Aurora, CO -

What a fantastic DVD!  Claudine's personality shines to make this a terrific viewing and learning experience.  The techniques are superb and the instructions clear and easy to follow.  The bloopers are always the best part, but the entire DVD goes by in a flash it's so fun to watch!!
- Chris C. -

“I just wanted to say that I now own quite a number of your videos — Carrie Burns Brown, Ann Baldwin, John Salminen, Lesley Riley, Craig Nelson — and they are a fantastic resource.

I recently bought a video produced by another company and it was really poor. I think this made me appreciate the quality of your productions and the artistic talent of your presents even more.
Well done!

-Alyshia H. -

“Very pleased I found your site. Great customer relations and very efficient. Will purchase more art related items in the future.”

-Raymond S., UK -


“Thank you so much for having such a great company and offering so many wonderful DVD's. It's so nice to have the artist "in your home" giving you your own private workshop. I'm so exciting to get this new one. Thank you”

-Judy S. -

“The experience was great working with your company. I placed the order over the phone and got the DVD's the next day.”

-Catherine K. -

“Love your DVDs and Videos. I learn more from them than I do from a $400 workshop.”

-Chris F., Williamstown, NJ -

“I wanted you to know how much I LOVE the Jacqueline Sullivan DVD. She is a fantastic teacher and I feel so blessed that she is willing to share her techniques. Watching her DVD has totally transformed the way I work! Thanks!”

- Sam W. -

“The Colored Pencil: Getting Started Right is a great DVD.I'm been teaching myself how to use colored pencils and this DVD could have saved me hours of trial and error -- very useful tips on materials and techniques. Janie Gildow is an excellent instructor and artist. Thanks for offering this DVD.”

-Ann - Goleta, CA -


You guys are absolutely the best! I can count on your products to be 100% enjoyable, informative and of very high quality.”

- Pamela V. -Tucson, AZ -

"The DVDs I have ordered from you have been extraordinarily informative and well done. Thanks much!."

- Carolyn Mc.D - Kennesaw, GA -

"Absolutely GREAT VIDEOS. It is like being at the workshop in person, can pay attention without taking notes or having distractions. Plus you have the ability of playback of any area you want to revisit!"

- Roseanne S. - Fallbrook, CA  -

"Wow!  That was fast!  Got the DVD today and have already watched it - for the first but not the last time.  It's GREAT!! Thanks"
A few days later: "Since then, I completed my first abstract and will be entering it into a show this coming Thursday."

- Ron N., Albuquerque -

“Hi you guys, I love your videos. My Ann Baldwin, Traci Bautista and Claudine DVDs are about wore out... Well you guys keep up the GREAT WORK. I don't have the money to travel across the country to take all the classes of my favorite artists and so your DVDs make it possible for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Hope to hear from you soon.”

- Paula H., Louisville, KY -

“Just to let you know the videos I ordered from you arrived in Scotland today. Thank you for such prompt service. I didn't expect them to arrive so quickly. I have had a quick look at them and am really pleased with my choice. I will certainly order from you again in the very near future. Next time I order do I need a log in or do I just order as I did first time? Thank you again. Yours Sincerely,”

- Lorna M. H., Scotland -


“This is my first order. After previewing many items, I am certain your DVD's are going to be superior to numerous courses I've taken @ museums, etc. -Regards,”

- Jane R., Bridgewater, NJ -

“Your customer service is absolutely the best! Not just accommodating and fast, but that sincere kindness is unbelievable. Long story short, I received my replacement CD. I just had to say thank you CCP!!! Don't make me come out there and hug you, Susan!!!!”

- Sylvia D. -

“I've ordered from you before and love what you sent as I live in a cultural vacuum and your DVDs keep me inspired to keep creating.”

- Tina C., Hot Springs VA -

“I just received the John Salminen DVD. EXCELLENT. When will he produce another? I've taken many workshops but his explanations of design and composition are the best I've heard. He is a very clear, generous and patient teacher. This video is worth a $400 workshop and you can watch it again and again!- ”

- Connie K. -

“Fantastic workshop! Amazing and filled with plenty of variety! Talk about mixed media! I didn't want this video to end. I recommend this DVD to everyone. I have quite a collection of art instruction and this is definitely in my top 10. My daughter, who is not an artist, walked in the room while I was viewing it. She didn't get far and sat down to watch the WHOLE video with me... My age is going to show now, but I must say it... ‘Traci Bautista is WAY COOL.’”

- Sylvia D., Chicago -

Note: Long before Facebook and Twitter, in the dark ages of VHS tapes, at the founding of Creative Catalyst, we began sending out cards with our videos asking customers for honest comments. We received back thousands of cards. As web technology evolved we stopped sending the cards. Over the years of computer and website transitions we lost most of the electronic versions but I recently found three large boxes of handwritten cards. I will be adding some of these comments back onto the site, as time allows. Please continue sharing your comments with us from the Contact-Us page.

- Jim -

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