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Video Downloads

Many of our videos are now in 3 Formats

Three Ways to View

  1. DVD (D) - Physical DVD to be played in desktop player attached to your TV or in a laptop/computer with disc drive
  2. Video Download (VDL) - Video Download (MP4 file) you save to your computer for viewing and access (Not for iPads/Tablets/Smartphones).
  3. Streaming (STR) - Access through the cloud and can be viewed/streamed on any WiFi, Data or internet connected device ... portable or stationary. 


see also: Online Streaming

SPECIAL NOTE:  Apple Users: These files cannot be downloaded on an iPad or iPhone because Apple does not allow it.  Use the format "Online Streaming" instead.

To our Valued Customers,
We are pleased to offer the Video Download format choice.  All Creative Catalyst produced videos are now available in Video Downloads.  We are also adding titles from other producers to this growing list.  
If you run into any problems, download issues, etc. please let us know. Some common questions are answered below ... if we haven't answered your questions below, please contact Susan@ccpvideos.com. 

Thank you, Jim Powers



What are Video Downloads (VDLs)?  VDLs are the full video workshop delivered to your computer through the internet (MP4 file).

How do I play a Video Download?  Once you download your workshop you just click on the link and your computer will play it with Quicktime, Windows Media player or VLC player ... we use VLC.

Which devices can download and play a VDLs?  Any device that allows video downloads: Computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets. (Apple handheld devices generally do NOT allow video downloads - use Streaming.
Can I play a VDL on an iPad, tablet or phone?    No
The MP4 video file cannot be saved directly to iPads or iPhones but can through iTunes on your computer.  We recommend using the "Online Streaming" format instead.
Which art workshops are available in VDL format?  All Creative Catalyst filmed and produced titles only and some by other producers (adding more each month).  Here is a list.  All VDLs are named "VIDEO DOWNLOAD" and have an Item/SKU# ending in "vdl".  If you do not see either of these in the product name or Item/Sku#, it is a DVD.  We are now transitioning all Downloads into a new format on the site.  In the future all Video Downloads will be available in a Format Box just above the "Add to Cart" button.


How do I order a Video Download (VDL)?   Just add one or more to your CART and check out.  After your credit card has been accepted you will see a notice with a link to your Video Download.  Click on the link and the download will start.  NOTE:  downloads can take anywhere from 10-60 minutes depending on your internet speed.  It still takes a lot less time than snail mail! 

Can I order more than one VDL at a time?  YES.  You will receive links for all of the VDLs you order at checkout and in a follow up email.  You can order as many VLD's as you want in one order ... and, if you want to order a DVD, you can do that in the same order too.  We do recommend not to download more than one VDL at a time (sometimes you can download two at a time).

Troubleshooting:  What to try if you are unable to play your VDL.

    1. You must have high speed internet to download these large files.  You can test your computer using speedtest.net.  If your computer is below 10 Mbps it may take too long to download your file.  We recommend buying a DVD instead.  (Note:  at 30 Mbps my download took 13 minutes)
    2. If you cannot find the download file try searching your hard drive by the name of the video.  Often they are stored in a folder called "Downloads."
    3. The download file will end in ".mp4"  and it should be a large file, about 1.2 - 1.8 GB.  If the file is much smaller than this it did not download fully.
    4. Our download (mp4) will play with Quicktime, Windows Media player or VLC player ... we use VLC.  One or more of these are usually installed on every computer.  If not, you can download them for free.  More mp4 information is HERE
    5. If you can give us the exact error message you are getting when you contact us, that will be most helpful.  You can send us a screenshot, copy paste, etc.


Order Instructions - Steps

You order a Digital Download just like any other product in our store. 

Step 1:  Add to Cart

Step 2: Go to your Shopping Cart

you will see a Digital Download and any other items you ordered in your cart.

Step 3:   Click "Checkout"

Step 4:  Enter your customer information and Continue to Payment Method

Step 5:   Complete the Order

Step 6:  Click here to download your VIDEO DOWNLOAD or wait for the email confirmation with the video download link.

Click on the blue words:  Click here to download your VIDEO DOWNLOAD

Click “Access Digital Content” Button



- or -


Step 7: NEW system:  Click on the link to start your download.


PREVIOUS SYSTEM:  Click the "Download" button to start the download to your computer.


These are large files and may take from 10-60 minutes to download. There is a download speed test online you can try if it takes longer than noted - www.speedtest.net

Where is your Video Download file?

Your  computer automatically downloads files into a folder, often a folder called "downloads".  You will find your file there, unless you specifically downloaded the VDL into another folder.

Method 2:  Copy paste the name of the video from the "FILE DOWNLOAD" screen.  In this example the file name is "Test-Digital Download".

Another way to find your file is to search your hard drive for the file extention:  "mp4".

Step 8:  PLAY

Click on the file you downloaded to play it.  A player will automatically pop up.


We are making these videos available as downloads for your personal use.  We ask, respectfully, that you do not send copies to others who have not purchased their own copy.  Proceeds from these videos go back to the artists  and to Creative Catalyst so that we can continue offering quality art instruction videos to you.

Thank you.

Jim Powers
Creative Catalyst Productions