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Streaming Videos

Many of our videos are now in 3 Formats

Three Ways to View

    • DVD (D) - Physical DVD to be played in desktop player attached to your TV or in a laptop/computer with disc drive.
    • Video Download (VDL) - Video Download (MP4 file) you save to your computer for viewing and access (See howto view on  iPads/Tablets/Smartphones using Dropbox).
    • Streaming (STR) - Access through the cloud and can be viewed/streamed on any WiFi, Data or internet connected device (view on computers, iPads, Tablets, Smart phones, etc.) ... portable or stationary.


    Customer comment:  It was suggested by Jean H. that you can save the MP4 file to Dropbox, then go to your iPad, then to Dropbox ... the Video Download will then play on your iPad without internet connection.  We have tried this and it works!

    Step 1:  On your portable device, install the ap for Dropbox

    Step 2: Download the VDL (MP4) file using your computer and then save it to Dropbox.

    Step 3: Open your Dropbox ap on your portable device and view the file.

    For information on Online Streaming, visit Online Streaming


    Access our video workshops wherever you go!  Stream them from the cloud.  New titles coming daily.  View the current list

    To view titles in Video Download format - View here.  Or if you need help in downloading your video download, visit our Video Download Page.

     HOW TO:

      1. Log into your account.  If you don't currently have an account on, you will need to create an account.

      2. Browse the videos on our website and find a video workshop that interests you.  Determine if it is available in "Online Streaming" format.  If it is, you will find a drop-down box just above the "Add to Cart" button.

      3.  Click "Add to Cart" button

      4. Open your Cart by clicking the "Cart" option at the top of our web page.

      5. Review cart and press "Checkout"

       6. If you have a discount code, enter it at anytime before you submit your order ... click "Apply" after code is entered.

       7. Continue to Payment Method button and enter your payment information.

      8. Click "Complete Order" Button

      NOTE: You will receive three emails from Creative Catalyst Productions:  1) Order Confirmation, 2)  Payment Confirmation, and 3) Your Video Streaming Link (link directly to your streaming file).  (This email comes from "Creative Catalyst Productions <>" our streaming delivery partner.)

       9.  To access your Digital Content just click the link in the email from Creative Catalyst Productions - - it will look like this - Visit: view your content and you can start watching your video instantly.

       10.  Other ways to access your streaming videos:

      • Login into your ACCOUNT and click the "Streaming Files" Link
      • Or Refer to the link in the email you were sent when you placed your order.

      If you have any problems or questions, email  Thank you for your continued support.  Enjoy!