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Your are invited to join our Affiliate Program and earn extra money when you introduce people to Creative Catalyst.


Here's how it works:

You add a special code  called an "Affiliate Link" to your website or blog along with whatever you want to say about Creative Catalyst.  When visitors to your site or blog click on this link they jump onto the Creative Catalyst website.  If they decide to buy something from the site their purchase is recorded in the software and you earn 10% of the value of their purchase (not including shipping and handling).

You are automatically paid through your PayPal account.

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It's that simple.


Understanding Affiliate Codes

Your unique affiliate code is a piece of the URL that you insert at the end of any URL link to our website.  For example, this is the regular link to our home page:  http://ccpvideos.com


by adding the affiliate code snippit that is unique to you (this sample is 1_2) :    #oid=1_2   to the end of the home page URL you end up with the affiliate code URL:   


Here's a link to a product page:                      http://ccpvideos.com/products/gj1d#oid=1_2

If this link is on your website and a visitor clicks on it and comes over to Creative Catalyst, our affiliate system keeps track of anything they buy and credits your affiliate account with 10%.


For additional help with Affiliate URLs see this PDF.