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Watermedia on Yupo: Abstract Painting with Mark Mehaffey

Artist: Mark Mehaffey
Producer: Mark Mehaffey
Runtime: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes
SKU: 22-MM8d

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Learn how to create an abstract figure from a nonobjective painting using watercolor techniques on a YUPO® surface.

Mark provides the advantages and disadvantages of using watercolor and gouache on YUPO®, a synthetic paper, as well as a range of techniques and materials for applying paint and texture to your surface. You'll discover how crucial "play time" is to exploring all the possibilities for creating beautiful underpaintings, as well as how to begin designing the painting in a non-objective way first, before you turn it into a figure, taking your cues from the design of the first layers of paint.


You will:

  • Discover what YUPO® is and why you would paint on it
  • Explore gouache and watercolor techniques for creating abstract paintings
  • Play with stencils, stamps and other materials to create texture on Yupo
  • Layer transparent and opaque colors to create shapes and patterns
  • Turn a non-objective painting into an abstract figure


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