Faux Bone Jewelry: Tools & Techniques with Robert Dancik

Artist: Robert Dancik
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
Runtime: 1 Hour, 39 Minutes

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Expand your jewelry and mixed media art with the limitless possibilities of Faux Bone. This non-toxic and seemingly indestructible material has the look of bone but is completely animal-free.


In this workshop, innovative jewelry artist Robert Dancik provides a great introduction to Faux Bone and jewelry making basics. Robert introduces jewelry tools and the basics of shaping Faux Bone with lessons on sawing, sanding, drilling, and polishing. You'll learn how to make rivets, add micro-fasteners, and combine Faux Bone with resin and metal clay. Robert uses materials easily found in your local hardware store or your craft closet. You'll combine your new skills to create a finished Faux Bone pendant. You'll carve an original design and add character by polishing and antiquing. You dont need much to get started, and the potential for this new substance is endless. Explore its texture and design possibilities in Faux Bone Jewelry: Tools and Techniques with Robert Dancik.


Bonus Clip from Robert's DVD


I just purchased 3 videos from you...I absolutely loved them. These are possibly the very best technique videos I have ever purchased. I look forward to buying more.
Angela K.

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