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Urban Landscape in Watercolor with John Salminen

Artist: John Salminen
Producer: John Salminen
Runtime: 2 Hours, 25 Minutes


In this workshop, John Salminen AWS DF, NWS hits the streets of New York to gather candid reference shots for his urban scene. 


John teaches a simple system for accurately transferring his complex image to watercolor paper. He lays a foundation with careful masking and vivid washes of hard-to-define colors. He concentrates on value relationships as he fills his landscape with shimmering streets and glowing neon. He uses mesmerizing reflective effects as an entry point to the composition and directs attention with white paper. John tones down conflicting passages with a mouth atomizer. John Salminen continually solves design problems, modifying colors in his foreground figure and lifting to enhance lines. The workshop includes exercises in perspective drawing and extensive discussions of design and reference photography.


In this clip from his DVD workshop, Urban Landscape in Watercolor, John Salminen explains how to draw buildings using two-point perspective. This drawing technique is a foundation skill for John's signature urban landscapes and can be used to correctly scale any object in a sketch.


John Salminen's paintings are mesmerizing, complex and beautiful.
In this download he breaks down the process into easily understandable steps. John is an excellent teacher and I am finding this instruction to be extremely valuable no matter what the subject matter I intend to paint. As a beginning painter this knowledge is priceless. It's like sitting in a class taught by Mr. Salminen. Very well done, very interesting, very enlightening and well worth the money. - Sandy


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