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Acrylics: Textures, Layers and Metallics with Jacqueline Sullivan

Artist: Jacqueline Sullivan
Producer: Jacqueline Sullivan
Runtime: 1 Hour, 45 Minutes


Learn the unlimited possibilities of collage with Jacqueline Sullivan.


Learn the proper way to layer tissue, cheesecloth and aluminum and which medium to use for each texture. Jacqueline clearly explains the differences between Golden mediums. In addition to stencils and metallics, she incorporates everyday household items. This DVD is perfect for collage artists of any level and style.

Jacqueline Sullivan believes a good design works in any direction. In this acrylic workshop, she demonstrates glazing and texturing techniques that make your paintings dynamic and organic, no matter which way you turn your canvas.

Jacqueline teaches you to work intuitively. Her design tips and thorough knowledge of acrylics help you master your materials and concentrate on your art.

She builds layers that combine spontaneous and controlled textures using tissue paper, molding paste and some surprising household materials. You'll learn to modify your acrylic colors with mediums to ensure that your textures and transparencies work in perfect harmony.

As she paints, Jacqueline strives for a balanced canvas with easy paths for viewers' eyes. You'll learn to work across the entire painting and use color theory to enhance contrast.

To complete the painting, she uses multiple metallic processes to enhance the physical textures of the acrylics and create new elements of intrigue.

The result is a richly textured canvas that looks great from any angle. To design in all directions, join Jacqueline Sullivan in Acrylics: Layers, Textures and Metallics.


BONUS CLIP: Raised Texture with Molding Paste in a Mixed Media Painting
In this clip from her DVD workshop, Acrylics: Textures, Layers and Metallics, mixed media artist Jacqueline Sullivan creates three-dimensional texture on an abstract painting with acrylic molding paste. Jacqueline uses a plastic knife and recycled paper to mold spontaneous, organic shapes that she will later tint with fluid acrylics.




Jacqueline spoke to my art muse through her impressive, stunning, visual feast of a DVD!. I was captivated throughout the presentation as she worked as she talked, explaining her decision-making process as she created the textured abstracts. While I found that I was already using some of the techniques described, I learned more about the advised mediums to use with each textural component and how to pay attention to the design process. I highly recommend this DVD and will look forward to a workshop in Illinois or Wisconsin if Jacqueline wants to head out our way!
Denise F. - Mendota, IL

Awesome does not even begin to describe this DVD!! Step-by-step instructions and very easy to understand, even for a starting artist. This DVD covers everything and I have watched it 5-6 times, and learn something new each time.

Geri Lynn J. - Maple Park, IL


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