Pastel Workshop with Susan Woolgar

Artist: Susan Woolgar
Producer: White Pine
Runtime: 1 Hour, 46 Minutes


One of Alberta's premier pastelists demonstrates 2 exciting paintings.


You will learn about different types of pastels and paper and also be introduced to a variety of ways of mark making with pastels. Susan also shares with us her fantastic demonstration of how to make your own pastel paper.Susan Woolgar, ASA, shares her extensive knowledge of how to create a successful painting and offers numerous tips and techniques for using pastels in this two demonstration DVD.


  • A complete introduction to pastel painting.
  • Learn about different types of pastels and papers.
  • Discover a variety of ways of making marks with pastels
  • Bonus Content: A complete demonstration of how to make your own pastel paper.

Demonstration 1:uses a traditional pastel technique on a toned background.

Demonstration 2: uses a background created with water soluble inks on watercolor paper.



I just received your DVD and it was love at first sight. The painting is stunning! It has such vibrancy and luscious colour. You explained more ways to use pastel than I could ever imagine. You are a natural teacher. I'm going to watch this DVD again and again and incorporate your ideas into my own painting. I've already made some of my own pastel paper just like you showed us. What fun!! All this and 2 complete demos, all I can say is excellent! Thank you Trudy F.

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