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A Little Watercolour with Karin Huehold

Artist: Karin Huehold
Producer: Karin Huehold
Runtime: 2 Hours
SKU: 22-KH1D


Karin HueholdEasy to follow demonstrations - Working on 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" pieces of paper makes painting relaxed and stress free...with inspiring results! 

Easy to follow demonstrations - Working on 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" pieces of paper makes painting relaxed and stress free...with inspiring results! This video is packed with two hours of information for beginning or experienced artists. Our four camera setup ensures that you clearly see every step of the process. Follow Karin as she cuts one sheet of watercolor paper into seventy-two small pieces and creates a new and beautiful 'little watercolour' on each one. Karin's experience and personality ensure a fun and creative experience. Experimentation is encouraged! Play ~ Have Fun ~ Relax ~ Explore this beautiful medium.


Customer comments:

I love your DVD. This has been the best purchase in watercolour info and supplies I have made. I have learned more from your DVD than I have from taking a couple of painting courses. I have watched it numerous times and learn something new each time. I have gained much confidence and freedom from watching the techniques and trying out the different ways of manipulating the paint. My fear of making a mistake and ending up with a useless piece of "coloured" paper has all but disappeared………what fun! Your DVD was exactly what I needed to open up the path to creative freedom in watercolour. Again – Thank you so much!
Karen W.
I have watched your A Little Watercolour DVD and I love it – I am working through the art projects as described in the DVD and having such fun. I can't believe the number and variety of techniques that you show. I find it easy & relaxing to do a couple in an evening – Your DVD is truly an inspiration and I'm feeling very successful with the results. I'm busting loose with these little projects …and loving the experience.
My daughter has your DVD and we've enjoyed it so much I decided we need to paint together more often! I've learned so much from your DVD and it inspired me to get painting!
I have just bought your "A Little Watercolour" DVD and love, love, love it! I have always been intimidated by large sheets of paper and the fear of wasting supplies so your approach is perfect for me. I might actually learn how to loosen up a bit! Thanks so much for the inspiration.
I watched your DVD today. I love the freedom and "play" of your work!
Karin, I have watched your "Little Watercolor" over & over again...it's taught me so much and I am loving all the techniques you've incorporated into your teaching. Finding new ways to use my discarded wine corks (seem to have so many of 'em :-) carving fun lift outs into the ends, and am anxious to keep working with these mini treasures.
Joy Johnson
! I bought your A Little Watercolor DVD last month and have watched it 3 times since! Watercolor is my most frustrating media to work with but doing the mini canvases has got me loving the medium! Would love to be informed of the classes which you offer. Since I would be coming a distance, from California, do you offer any combined classes 4 or 5 days in a row? I think my sister and a friend would definitely be interested!


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