Still Life with Apples: Painting the Still Life in Watercolor with Judy Mudd

Artist: Judy Mudd
Producer: Judy Mudd
SKU: 22-JMD1vdl
Runtime: 54 Minutes

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Learn how to create a lovely still life in watercolor! Judy Mudd takes you on a complete journey from what makes an interesting still life right through to signing your finished masterpiece. Join Judy and learn at your own pace with this relaxed and engaging video.


Judy’s easy-going yet detailed teaching style makes even the most beginner students feel like experts. In this video, she shows how to take ordinary flowers and apples and turn them into a work of art. Topics covered include: tips for creating your own still life compositions, ways to modify and adapt your reference material, the simplified drawing process, using the belly of the brush for watery effects, leaving whites for sparkle, blending and merging edges, creating 3-dimension with color and brush strokes, using shadows for interest and volume, and much more. Join Judy for this fun journey into still life painting and create a masterpiece in no time! Reference photo and paint list provided.

Judy Mudd uses Arches Cold Press 140lb paper in the video with the following paint colors. All paints are Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints except where noted. Paint colors in parentheses are alternative color options.

Permanent Alizarin Crimson (alt-Quinacridone Rose, Permanent Rose, Quinacridone Magenta)

Scarlet Lake (alt-Cadmium Red Light-Holbein)

Quinacridone Coral

Carbazole or Dioxazine Violet (alt-Permanent Violet, Cobalt Blue Violet (DS)

Ultramarine Blue (alt-Indanthrone Blue, French Ultramarine Blue)

Raw Sienna (alt-Yellow Ochre, Mars Yellow)

Quinacridone Gold (alt- Gamboge, Nova Gamboge)

Cerulean Blue Lavender (Holbein)

Lavender (Holbein)

Cadmium Yellow (Holbein)

Cadmium Orange (Holbein) (Pyrrol Orange(DS)

Aureolin (alt-Cobalt Yellow)

Cobalt Turquoise

Cobalt Blue


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