Drawing Secrets Revealed: Figure Basics with Sarah Parks

Artist: Sarah Parks
Producer: North Light
SKU: 22-SP2d
Runtime: 59 Minutes

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Join Sarah Parks as she unveils her figure drawing secrets in this instructional video! Begin by loosening up and learning how to capture action and movement in gesture drawings.


Then gain a better understanding of basic human anatomy and how to achieve accurate proportions in your drawings. Next, make your figure drawings more realistic with Sarah's secrets in adding value. With these basic building blocks for figure drawing, you will be drawing your own beautiful figures right away!


Are you looking for easy techniques in figure drawing and/or want to improve your linework techniques for pencil and charcoal ... give this one a try!

InDrawing Secrets Revealed - Figure Basics you'll find:

  • Instruction for understanding basic anatomy
  • Techniques for achieving accurate proportions
  • Pencil and charcoal techniques for linework, shading, blending, and more


About the Author
Sarah Parks specializes in oil portraits that blend impressionism with classical realism and has observed how important solid drawing skills are to creating an excellent painting. This observation inspired her to create her Drawing Secrets Revealed drawing instruction series. This popular drawing course led to the writing her book, Drawing Secrets Revealed: Basics (North Light Books).

Read an Interview with Sarah Parks


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