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The Figure in Watercolor with Charles Reid

Artist: Charles Reid
Producer: Other Producer
Runtime: 57 Minutes
SKU: 22-CR7d

This highly acclaimed figure painting in watercolor instructional DVD beautifully captures this great watercolor master in action painting the nude figure in watercolor as only Charles Reid can do.


This highly acclaimed figure painting in watercolor instructional DVD beautifully captures this great watercolor master in action painting the nude figure in watercolor as only Charles Reid can do.

Originally inspired by his classic book, Figure Painting in Watercolor, this watercolor figure painting DVD invites you into Charles Reid's Connecticut studio to sit by the side of one of America's greatest watercolor masters as he meets the challenge of working with a live nude model and painting The Figure in Watercolor.

Charles begins his figure in watercolor with an in depth pencil drawing, laying the foundation for the fresh and spontaneous figure painting to follow. His figure and the still life surrounding it are beautifully rendered, in a simple, direct and natural gestural manner. Throughout the DVD Mr. Reid concisely explains his creative process.
Charles Reid's creative energy, focus and mastery of the watercolor medium are a revelation to witness. You will gain profound insights by seeing this master at work, insights that can only be gained by actually seeing a great master of Charles Reid's level in action. You will be able to see, sense and feel the energy involved in his creative expression. This can speed up your growth as an artist.

Charles Reid states that, "a painting needs to have soul and a sense of the models personality". This DVD definitely has both soul and personality.


I am so glad to have the opportunity to get this DVD. I first saw this video back in 1989 as a graduate student in painting. I learned so much from this particular video. I own all of Charles Reid's videos and had a vhs copy of "The Figure in Watercolor"(long time missing), but I think that this is the video that gave me the most encouragement and courage to really explore with watercolor. I have long thought that this painting of Holly, especially when it came to working the portrait portion is the best example of great portrait painting. The contour drawing segment is also exceptionally good. Thanks for making this available on DVD.
Bruce Robertson
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a DVD of Charles Reid painting surely must be worth a thousand art instruction books. At a time when I was looking to revitalize my passion for figurative art, I returned to Reid, an undisputed master. I recall Reid causing quite a sensation among my fellow students at the art college when his watercolor painting books were first published. I have always admired Reid's contemporary impressionistic paintings, which are often both spontaneous and whimsical in their feeling, yet based on fine and solid draughtsmanship. This watercolor DVD is both educational and inspirational.
It's a delight to be allowed inside Reid's studio to watch him work from the blank page to the finished story, seeing the process from the pencil drawing to the beautiful finished painting. Reid carefully explains compositional decisions along the way, and his straightforward and humble approach reinforces the concept that no matter how skilled the artist, each artwork presents its own challenges, especially when painting with watercolors. It's a glimpse inside not only the artist's studio, but also his mind and heart. Charles Reid's art instruction books are valuable resources, loaded with practical information, which I have consulted regularly over the years, but seeing how he actually goes about the job of painting, how he selects colors, and mixes and applies paint, adds a whole other exciting dimension."
Kristine K.
This video is a treasure of information and inspiration that I refer to often and continue to learn from. The whole program is beautifully presented. I highly recommended it.
"Charles Reid, Painter: The Figure in Watercolor" will never come back to your studio if you loan it to a friend. It is that beautiful to see and will improve any kind of watercolor painting you do. Not only does it show Mr. Reid's approach to the figure, it also provides his way of incorporating the figure and still life etc. A one hour program of excellent, thorough teachings beautifully filmed in a way that will have returning to it for years.
For any watercolorist, it is well worth owning this DVD. I have gained huge insights into how a great painter paints, insights that have helped me in my own painting.
If you never buy another Art Instruction DVD, buy this one. "Charles Reid, Painter: the Figure in Watercolor "is a highly acclaimed work in itself. Mr. Reid draws and paints the model from beginning to end. He is easy to understand and is honest and direct. This work and many others shown at the breaks in the program all have the one thing that makes any painting, ART. They have soul.
"I have been purchasing art books, videos, and DVD's for a long time and without a doubt, this is the best DVD for those who want to learn how a great painter paints. I am primarily an oil landscape painter but I have found this particular DVD of Reid painting the figure in watercolor translates well for providing tips for people who use any painting medium, style, or subject matter. Charles Reid is a true American master and it is fascinating to be able to view him working and be able to watch how he does what he does. I have watched this DVD a few times already and I keep finding new and intriguing tips. A great DVD for anyone interested in painting and a must for those interested in watercolor and or the figure."
Bonnie D. 
"Charles Reid is well known for his fluid open style of painting and I was looking forward to watching him paint my favorite subject, the figure. He didn't disappoint but what really excited me was watching the beginning of the DVD as Charles Reid began his sketch. That same fluid open style starts right there with his first pencil mark. As a student of drawing I love to watch the different ways that artists draw their subjects and Charles Reid's was particularly fascinating. In fact, I watched just that segment several times,
I have now watched the DVD several times from beginning to end and am working hard to follow Charles Reid's loose style of bringing my figures to life on the paper.”
Stephanie L. 
"The DVD was superbly professional and re-affirming to me, speaking from an artist's point of view."
Ross G.
I love this program. I got the download. My skills have already improved by studying "Charles Reid Painter, the Figure in Watercolor" Please make more programs.
In this exceptional DVD you are seeing one of the truly, great masters of the watercolor medium. I have learned so much from watching Mr. Reid paint and listening to his commentary. His creative energy is amazing.

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