Creative Catalyst Productions - Measuring Methods for Artists with Larry Withers

Measuring Methods for Artists with Larry Withers


Producer: On Air Video


In this art DVD workshop, Larry Withers demonstrates the three most widely employed measuring methods:

  • comparative,
  • sight-size and
  • triangulation.

These methods have been used and perfected over many years, but are rarely taught in the classroom. Each technique is different except for one thing—they all use the artist's most essential measuring tool: a pencil.

This DVD is divided into several chapters starting with an introduction to measuring, followed by a review of all materials and tools. The third chapter establishes a set of standard rules to ensure measurements are exact. The next three chapters address the three specific measuring techniques. Each chapter begins with a discussion of the concept behind a particular method followed by a step-by-step demonstration.

Withers also provides valuable tips and advice throughout the video to ensure viewers get the best results. This video comes with a downloadable Materials and Tools List for convenience.